Return Policy

Within 30 days of delivery, the customer may return their product to CyberTechPC free of charge if they are not satisfied with the product or if any issue arises with the product in which the party responsible is the manufacture, CyberTechPC.

Upon return, CyberTechPC offers the options of:

  1. CyberTechPC will fix or repair any issue with the product that was the fault of our manufacturing or shipping processes, free of charge. And, CyberTechPC will return the fixed/repaired product back to the customer free of charge.

  2. CyberTechPC will replace any PC returned in which the customer was not satisfied with the a PC of the same model or a model of lesser value, with the difference in value being provided by CyberTechPC to the customer in the form of either store credit or refunded payment.

  3. CyberTechPC will fully refund any PC returned, upon customer request.

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