About us 

Lake Turbo PC was founded by Daniel Proctor and William Sullivan.  


We became interested in custom computers at a young age. As early as 10 years old we began building our own custom computers in our free time for fun.  We both built our computers for the purposes of gaming, wishing to allow ourselves an improved PC gaming experience that we could not find in our own personal family laptop or desktop computers.  

We found ourselves immersed in the world of PC gaming, tuning and overclocking our newly built PCs to run the newest games, at the highest resolutions, with the coolest new mods. In our later years we both also began our ventures into mining and trading cryptocurrencies.  Our similar experiences in trading is what brought us together in 2017. Two years later, in February of 2019, we would decide to come together to create a custom computer business based on our passion and love for building and gaming on PCs: Lake Turbo PC.